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Rascali Klepitoire / The New Millennium Players

Friday 20 February 2004 program @ REDCAT / Walt Disney Hall :

The New Millennium Players performed a retrospective of sixteen of John's works (from solo cello to orchestral) at the REDCAT (The Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater) at Walt Disney Hall in Los Angeles.

set 1

all compositions mostly by John Oswald, unless otherwise indicated

part one: Bach

1. Orchestral Tuning Arrangement (1994) by John Oswald with Linda Catlin Smith commissioned by AngelicA Festival, Bologna

2. Ariature (1999) for orchestra and the transcribed* voice of Glenn Gould excerpt from the score, The Idea of This, for the ballet A Disembodied Voice, commissioned by The National Ballet of Canada *transcription by Benjamin and Christopher Butterfield
segues into Panorama (piano solo), schematic by Reginald Godden

3. excerpts from Transparent Recital (2003) for solo cello (and dancer)* commissioned by Shauna Rolston and Peggy Baker-Smith *dance aspect is excluded tonight.

4. Invaria (1999) piano solo also from The Idea of This, based on a transformation of a transcription of a performance by Glenn Gould (related to Ariature)

part 2 : after Bach (the Rascali Klepitoire continued)

5. early 20th century woodwind quintet (1994) commissioned by 5th Species

part 3: phenomenal works

6. [Delta Gradient] (1999) for brass octet and ondes martenot (represented tonight by laptop) commissioned by the Vancouver New Music Society

7. acupuncture (1991) for conducted ensemble commissioned by Arraymusic

8. Bell Speeds (1983, revised) 8 octaves of the pealing of a bell the size of a pea

9. Homonymy for 10 musicians and cinema text, typography, and animation also by John Oswald commissioned by the Society Music Contemporary Quebec

10. excerpt from Glimpsing (1976) for solo percussionist


set 2 (the Rascali Klepitoire & phenomenal works continued)

1. concerto for conductor and orchestra (2000) commissioned by Teresa Marrin Nakra and the Boston Orchestra Project special device adaption for this concert by Adam Overton with particular thanks to Teresa Marrin Nakra

2. Oswald's 1st piano concerto by Tchaikovsky (as suggested by Michael Snow) in B minor (2000) commissioned by the Vancouver Jazz Society

3. slide (1976, revised) for multiple sines commissioned by Arraymusic

4. spectre (1990) for 1001 string quartets commissioned by the Kronos Quartet



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