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Oswald releases APARANTHESI CD
on empreintes DIGITALe


(October 31/2003 / TORONTO) APARANTHESI, a one note electroacousmatic composition, entailing some research in the perception of sonic morphs, was released on CD by empreintes DIGITALes.

from THE WIRE Issue # 239 January 2004

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  • Review in La Folia (USA)
    “The slow-moving layers create indeterminate hybrids rich in harmonics, and Oswald intuitively blends electronics with real-world sound.”
  • Review in Sonoloco Record Reviews (Sweden)
    “This is a magnificent piece of fundamental research. I think we will give John Oswald a strong A for it!”
  • Critique in Revue & Corrigée (France)
    “Du grand art qui emporte l’adhésion. Fascinant.”
  • Review in Opus (Canada)
    “… Oswald has sublimated his joker’s energy into this work of rare nocturnal intimacy.”
  • Review in Exclaim! (Canada)
    “… I was as intent on hearing the next event as I would be in reading the next page of an amazing novel.”
  • Oswald is the future of music in Musicworks (Canada)
    “… a most extraordinary, imaginative, and intelligent work of sonic art.”
  • Review in Zoilus (Canada)
    “… two time-stopping compositions…”
  • Review in Rer Megacorp (UK)
    “… an indispensable work. Not merely a piece of music… but a meditation on listening.”
  • Soundcheck Review in The Wire (UK)
    “… a philosophical investigation of identity and correspondence… a meticulously crafted guide to the intricacies of listening.”
  • The Score in The Stranger (USA)
    “An eloquently quiet disc…”
  • Mystical Sounds from One Note in The Globe and Mail (Canada)
    Aparanthesi is a profound and surprisingly dramatic work.”
  • Review in The WholeNote (Canada)
    “… a fascinating and revelatory experience…”
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